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  DISPARLON 4401-25M is a paste of polyolefin wax swollen/dispersed in mineral spirits. This product has a high flash point of more than 40 ℃, and a lower content of aromatics than DISPARLON 4200-20.
4401-25M acts not only as an anti-settling/sagging agent but also as a stabilizer for pigment dispersion, contributing to a longer shelf life of solvent based enamels.

Prevents pigment settling and hard caking on aging without affecting viscosity.
A high flash point because the solvent used is mineral spirits.
Lower contents of aromatics than pastes using xylene.
Stabilized pigment dispersion prolongs shelf life.
Controls sagging of some enamels.
Non-seeding and little affect on film gloss and leveling.

Appearance                                           White paste
Non-volatile matter                                25 % by wt.
Solvent                                                  Mineral spirits
Flash point                                            Approx. 45 ℃ (Setaflash)

4401-25M can be used in all the solvent based enamels, including oil based systems, where high flash point or lower aromatics is desired.
4401-25M is also recommended for heavy duty primers such as epoxy primers, zinc rich primers, red lead primers, zirconate primers, etc.

Premix in a mill base, then disperse on three roll mill, ball mill or sand grind mill under high shear and/or at a temperature range 30 ~ 80 ℃
Additive level : 0.5 ~1.5 % by wt.
Method : Grinding with mill base is recommended


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