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  DISPARLON 4401-25X is a paste of polyolefin wax swollen/dispersed in xylene.
DISPARLON 4401-25X acts not only as an anti-settling/sagging agent but also as a stabilizer for pigment dispersions, contributing to a longer shelf life of solvent based enamels.

Prevents pigment settling and hard caking on aging without affecting viscosity.
Stabilizes pigment dispersions and prolongs shelf life.
Controls sagging of some enamels.
Non-seeding and little affect on film gloss and leveling.
Can be used in almost all solvent based systems.

Appearance                                      White to light yellow paste
Non-volatile matter                           25 % by wt.
Solvent                                             Xylene

DISPARLON 4401-25X can be used in almost all solvent based enamels including oil-based paints and wash primers.
DISPARLON 4401-25X is also recommended for heavy duty primers such as epoxy primers, zinc rich primers, red lead primers, zirconate primers, etc.

Premix in a mill base, then disperse on three roll mill, ball mill or sand grind mill under high shear and/or at a temperature range 30 ~ 80 C
Additive level : 0.5 ~1.5 % by wt.
Method : Grinding with mill base is recommended


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