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  DISPARLON LCN-400 is a silicone-free, non-ionic high molecular weight surface active agent. This product is 50 % solids, chemically stable and has excellent dispersability in a wide range of paint systems. This product can be utilized in advanced paint technologies including high-solids coatings and UV cured systems as a surface modifier. It is especially effective in baking systems.

Improves leveling and prevents pinholes.
Improves film gloss by promoting pigment wetting, resulting in good dispersion.
Acts as defoamer.
Has little affect on physical properties of the film such as recoatability.
Excellent dispersability allows post addition.

Can be used in almost all types of high-solids coatings including, thermosetting, UV curing systems, non-solvent coatings, as well as conventional bake finishes and unsaturated polyester coatings. It works particularly well in high-solids polyester/melamine and acrylic/melamine coatings for automotive and coil applications.

Appearance                                        Clear to light yellow liquid
Non-volatile matter                             50 % by wt.
Density                                                0.96 g/cm3
Solvent                                                Butyl acetate

Additive level                                     0.2 ~1.5 % by wt.


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