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  DISPARLON NSH-8430HF is a surface control agent based on specially prepared acrylic/silicone copolymers designed for baking paints such as acrylic/melamine, alkyd/melamine, polyester/melamine and acid/epoxy paint for automotive and appliance applications. This product strongly prevents cratering caused by dirt/stain contamination, and gives excellent wetting over low surface tension coatings such as some of the new high-polarity automotive OEM coatings.

Prevents cratering/dewetting caused by various contaminants.
Improves leveling, gloss and D.O.I.
Contributes to a homogeneous color development, thus producing a film with consistent quality appearance.
Gives improved leveling and gloss when used in electrostatic spray.
Wide application including polar systems such as high-solids coatings.

Recommended for industrial coatings where a high quality film appearance is important such as acrylic/melamine, alkyd/melamine, polyester/melamine, acid/epoxy, polyurethane, fluorocarbon and other coatings.

Appearance                                       Colorless to light yellow liquid
Non-volatile [%]                                 10.0%
Density (20℃)                                    0.89 g/cm3
Solvent                                              Solvent naphtha/n-butyl acetate

Additive level                                  0.5 ~ 2.0 % by wt. of final paint.

Preliminary test should be made to determine optimum level.


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