Hamburg 4

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 Appearance                                                                    Ochre fine crumbs or ground product 
Chemical Composition                                                   rapeseed oil, partly hydrogenated, cross-linked with sulphur.
Total Sulphur % ASTM D 1552 (LECO)                        15-18
Free Sulphur %   Auler Method                                      0.8-1.3
Acetone extract %   DIN ISO 1407                                15-20
Ash, 2 h @ 950°C (%)     DIN EN ISO 3451-1               max 0.2
Density @ 20°C (g/cm3) DIN ISO 787 part 10 A           1.1

For light-coloured articles based on general purpose rubbers. Hamburg 4 is specially suited for microcellular rubber as it improved the cell size uniformity.

Store in originally sealed packaging in cool, dry places.
Shelf life is min. 1 year.
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