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K-CORR 1227


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K-CORR 1227 (formerly KX1227) is an oil soluble, liquid corrosion preventive additive that is designed to be used with NA-SUL® corrosion inhibitors to boost performance for difficult applications. It improves performance in humidity, salt fog and especially where corrosive residues of combustion form on metal surfaces.

 Boosts performance of corrosion inhibitors for difficult applications.
 Effective at low treat levels.
 Excellent solubility in most oils.
 Improves humidity and salt fog performance.

Specific Gravity @ 25ºC (ASTM D 4052)                               0.96
Flash Point, COC (ASTM D 92, DIN 51 376)                         >150°C
Acid Value, (KI-502)                                                               80 mg KOH/g
 pH (KI-250)                                                                           7.4

Note: The above analytical data are not specifications.

Soluble in petroleum and synthetic lubricant base stocks and most common solvents. These include naphthenic oils, Group I, II, and III paraffinic oils and low viscosity polyalphaolefin. It is recommended to verify the solubility in the base oils used and the compatibility with other additives. K-CORR 1227 is slightly emulsifiable in hot water.

APPLICATIONS:                                                              Typical Treat Levels
Corrosion inhibitor booster for special applications                1.0% - 3.0%
K-CORR 1227 is designed to be used in combination with NA-SUL® corrosion inhibitors for especially demanding applications. K-CORR 1227 improves salt fog and humidity corrosion resistance. It is highly recommended for applications where corrosive solids of combustion are deposited on metal surfaces. It is recommended to check K-CORR 1227 for compatibility with other additives or chemicals that may contaminate the fluid in actual use. K-CORR 1227 slowly solidifies at room temperature. This does not affect corrosion performance. To reincorporate solids, heat briefly to 60ºC (140ºF), with stirring. Alternatively, K-CORR 1227 containing solids may be added to the final formulation and heated to the above temperature at that time.


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