K-FLEX XM-3307

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K-FLEX XM-3307 is a carboxyl and hydroxyl functional polyester-urethane polyol. It has been designed as a dispersing resin for organic and inorganic pigments. It requires neutralization with an amine to give good dispersing properties.

Fast dispersion time
High transparency of pigments
High pigment loading
For water and solvent-borne coatings

Appearance:                            Viscous liquid 
Nonvolatile, %:                        >80
Solvent:                                   Xylene
Viscosity, cPs, 25°C:               7,000
Hydroxyl number:                    28
Hydroxl equiv. weight:             480 g/eq.

Soluble in alcohol, ester, keton, and aromatic hydrocarbon. Soluble or dispersible in water after neutralization with organic amine. Not soluble in aliphatic hydrocarbon. 

Dispersant for organic pigments
Dispersant for inorganic pigments
Intercoat adhesion promoter



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