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K-PURE™ CDI-4303 is a 100% active organic liquid corrosion inhibitor. It is based on a proprietary amino acid derivative.

 Appearance:                                       Dark Amber Liquid
% Active:                                            100
Acid Value:                                         90.5
Base Value:                                        87.2
pH:                                                      7-8
Weight per gallon, 25°C:                    8.3
Volatile:                                              None

Note: The above analytical data are not specifications.

Corrosion inhibiting coatings
Flash rust inhibitor for water borne coatings
Aqueous cleaning and polishing formulations

Solubility: Soluble in water and polar solvents.

Safe handling of this product should include the use of safety glasses and gloves. Avoid breathing vapors - use with adequate ventilation. Product should be stored in lined or glass containers away from sunlight and excessive heat. Refer to MSDS
for detailed information.
Best if used within 1 year from the date of manufacture.


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