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K-SPERSE A504 is a 100% active polymeric dispersant designed for use in 100% solids formulations including coatings, inks, pigment concentrates and plastics.

Lower pigment paste viscosity and high pigment loading
Excellent color development and high gloss
Better clarity of transparent pigments
Improved jetness and viscosity stability of carbon black dispersions
Little or no effect on the cure of amino resins or isocyanates
Compatible with a wide variety of resin systems
No heat is necessary to dissolve it in polyacrylate UV formulations
No interference in free radical UV systems

Appearance:                             Clear to slightly hazy, viscous liquid 
% Nonvolatile:                           99
Specific gravity, 25°C:              1.0    
Acid #:                                       28
ICI Viscosity, poise at 75°C:      22

K-SPERSE A504 is recommended for organic and inorganic pigments in a wide variety of resins, including; acrylates, alkyds, acrylics, polyesters, polyurethanes and aldehydes. It is especially effective for pigments with high surface areas, such as high color carbon blacks, phthalocyanine blue, quinacridone and perylene reds.

For high color carbon black:
Weight % dispersant on pigment weight = pigment surface area(m2/g) x 0.14
For other pigments:
Weight % dispersant on pigment weight = pigment surface area(m2/g) x 0.33
It is strongly recommended that a ladder study be run, since the optimum level of dispersant depends on the type of pigment, resin and solvent used in each specific formulation.

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