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For Solventborne Epoxy-Free Can Coatings

NACURE XC-311 Novel latent acid catalyst designed to reduce the cure temperature of amino crosslinked systems. TDS Sample  
NACURE XC-320 Novel catalyst designed to reduce the cure temperature of amino crosslinked systems. It is especially effective in OEM clearcoats and can be used in waterborne basecoats. TDS Sample  


Non-Tin Organometallic Catalyst

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For Solvent / Solvent Free Systems

K-KAT XK-651 Versatile bismuth carboxylate catalyst designed for blocked isocyanate, two component urethanes and one and two component silane terminated coatings. Improved hydrolytic stability. TDS Sample  
K-KAT XK-661 Zinc based catalyst recommended for solvent based and waterborne 2-component
polyurethanes and 1-component blocked isocyanate systems.
TDS Sample  


Polyester Diols

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Optically Clear / Ballistic / Standard 2K/PU Systems 
K-FLEX XM-359 Polyester polyol modifier resin designed for cast elastomer prepolymers and thermoplastic urethanes. It is recommended for use in 2-component polyurethane systems. Excellent in optically clear ballistic systems. TDS Sample  
K-FLEX XM-366 Low viscosity, 100% active, saturated, aliphatic polyester diol with primary hydroxyl groups. This product was designed for use as a resin modifier of acrylic/isocyanate and acrylic/melamine systems to increase flexibility and decrease VOC. TDS  Sample   


Specialty Diol

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Solventborne and Waterborne Applications
K-POL 8211 General purpose, 100% active polyester diol.  This product should be used as a resin modifier for 2K PU general industrial applications. TDS Sample  


Rheology Modifiers

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Waterborne / Solventborne Applications

K-STAY 555 For pigmented solventborne applications. It is a pourable liquid which makes for ease of use in production. K-STAY 555 is highly efficient requiring low dosage levels to improve pigment suspension and sag control. TDS  Sample   
DISPARLON AQH-800 Needle-like self structure in the coating system to prevent pigment settling and hard caking. DISPARLON AQH-800 gives excellent thixotropic effect without viscosity increase unlike other rheology control agent such as conventional PU-thickener or Acrylic thickener. TDS Sample  
DISPARLON AQH-810 AQH-800 with enhanced syneresis control, post addable. TDS Sample  
DISPARLON 3500 Zero VOC liquid thixotrope. 2K PU. Highly filled systems. TDS Sample
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