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Low color Epoxy/Anhydride Catalyst

K-PURE CXC-1765 is a solventless, non-amine based catalyst for thermal cure of epoxy/anhydride systems.  Typical systems can be cured at 130-140C with a pot-life of 1-2 weeks.  The resulting polymer is low color, optically clear and exhibits excellent thermal and chemical properties.

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Catalyst for 1K, Thermal Cure Epoxy

K-PURE CXC-1821 is a quaternary ammonium blocked super acid catalyst, designed to provide similar performance to SbF6 type catalysts, but without the antimony. CXC-1821 can catalyze the reaction of epoxy resins, ring opening of cyclic ether groups, and polymerization of monomers sensitive to cationic polymerization. CXC-1821 can also be used as a thermal acid generator in systems that require pH control at elevated temperatures.

E-Mail Technical Manager for Product SelectionDan Miller 

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