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New Products

Catalysts - For Aluminum, BPA Free, and DBTDL Replacement Systems.
Polyester Diols - For Optically Clear, Ballistic Grade, and Standard 2K/PU Systems
Rheology Modifiers - For waterborne and Solventborne Applications
Corrosion Inhibitor - For Solvent and Waterborne Direct to Metal Coatings.
Antiwear - Multifuntional AW / EP additive with excellent steel corrosion resistance.
R&O Package - For industrial oils with outstanding antioxidant performance in RPVOT and TOST.
Hydraulic Oil Package - Eco-Label Certified, multi-functional ashless package for ester based functional fluids.
Process Aids - Organosilicone and zinc-free process aids for specialty and standard rubber types.
Vulcanization Chemicals - Nitrosamine Free and improved accelerator blends and activators.  
Scorch Retarder - New and improved



Desiccant - For optimized compression set.


Silane - New specialty dry (pelletized) amino silane.


Factice - New white factice for demanding applications in all rubber types.

Antimony Free Epoxy Catalysts - Proprietary blocking technology offers excellent stability and low curing temps.


Epoxy/Anhydride Catalyst - Improved for low color. Excellent thermal and chemical properties.  Optically clear.


Low Ionic Corrosion Inhibitors - Low trace metals for corrosion protection for semiconductor processing.


Chelating Agents - For semiconductor processing to remove contaminates and protect permanent architecture.



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