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Special performing processing aids for FKM, FPM, HNBR, ECO and standard rubber types 

Fatty Acid Based & Organosilicone Based Processing Aids

Product            Drop Point % Ash  FDA  Attributes TDS Sample

Fatty Acid Derivative

DEOGUM 80 112°C 3.0 No Improves filler dispersion, excellent flow properties, and lowers Heat Build Up values. TDS Sample


DEOGUM194 112°C - - - No Oxidation catalyst and zinc soaps of defined fatty acids provides a positive influence on dynamical
properties such as Heat Build Up.
TDS Sample
DEOGUM 294 117°C - - - No Highly active oxidation catalyst, combined with other organic and inorganic additives. Excellent mastication results. TDS Sample
DEOGUM 384 - - - - - - No Facilitates the processing of special elastomers like AEM and HT-ACM in the internal mixer and on the rolling mill. Flow properties and mould filling
are improved by reduced Mooney viscosity.
TDS  Sample 


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