DISPARLON 6900-20X is a thixotropic agent in paste form consisting of a dispersion of swollen particles of a unique synthetic amide wax. It is easily incorporated into many vehicles and/or solvents and develops an exceptionally strong and long retained thixotropic structure.

Video Tutorials:

For assistance incorporating into filled or pigmented systems click here

For paste incorporation using the masterbatch technique click here

Market Application Solventborne
Form Paste
Application Advantage Highly shear thinning
Application Advantage Anti-settle
Application Advantage Anti-sag
Formulation Advantage Stability
Market Application Alkyds
Market Application Urethanes
Market Application Epoxies
Market Application Acrylics
Market Application Chlorinated rubber
Market Application Vinyls
Market Application Oil-free alkyds
Market Application High solids
% Active 20
Product Group Rheology modifier