DISPARLON A603-20X is an alcohol-free pre-activated polyamide developed for isocyanate cured paint systems. it can be used on both the polyol and isocyante side of the formulation for anti-settling and anti-sag control.
Market Application Moisture cure
Application Advantage Anti-sag
Application Advantage Sprayable
Application Advantage Anti-settle
Application Advantage Non-seeding
Application Advantage Shear thinning
Application Advantage Fast recovery
Application Advantage Clarity
Formulation Advantage Alcohol free
Formulation Advantage Stability
Formulation Advantage Pre-activated
Market Application Urethanes
Market Application Acrylics
Market Application Epoxies
Market Application Solventborne
Market Application Isocyanate
Market Application Adhesives
Form Paste
% Active 20
Product Group Rheology modifier