K-CORR G-1370 is an easy to handle and highly efficient rust and corrosion inhibitor with excellent solubility in mineral oils, synthetic oils, and greases. K-CORR G-1370 is especially suitable to fulfill severe rust requirements in greases, e.g., Emcor test with 100% synthetic sea water and 3% NaCl solution.
Zinc Content 13.5%
Phosphorus Content 1.1%
Viscosity @ 40°C 7727 cSt
Application Advantage Rust inhibition
Application Advantage Severe rust prevention
Application Advantage Corrosion resistance
Application Advantage Antiwear performance
Application Advantage Hydrolytic stability
Application Advantage Thermal stability
Application Advantage Multifunctional
Formulation Advantage Zinc naphthenate alternative
Formulation Advantage Solubility
Formulation Advantage Low odor
Formulation Advantage Easy to handle
Formulation Advantage Low treat rate
Market Application Grease
Product Group Rust inhibitor