K-FLEX XM-332 is an ultra low viscosity polyester polyol modifier resin designed to provide improved flexibility in solvent based, high solids and solventless systems. Compared to other K-FLEX polyester diols, XM-332 produces the softest films.

K-FLEX XM-332 is recommended for use in air dry/force dry 2-component polyurethanes and blocked isocyanate systems.

Viscosity @ 25°C 400 cPs
Hydroxyl Number 265
Equivalent Weight, g/eq. (as supplied) 212
Application Advantage Flexibility
Application Advantage Increased elongation
Formulation Advantage 100% active
Formulation Advantage Low viscosity
Formulation Advantage Hydrolytic stability
Market Application Aerospace
Market Application Auto OEM
Market Application Plastic
Market Application Adhesives
Market Application Consumer electronics
Market Application Thermoplastic urethanes
Market Application Cast elastomer prepolymers
Product Group Polyester diol