K-FLEX XM-337 is an aliphatic saturated polyester diol modifier resin designed to provide increased toughness and chemical resistance for solvent based and high solids systems. It is recommended for use in 1 and 2 component polyurethanes, and blocked isocyanate systems. Benefits include low color, UV durability, high hardness, high impact resistance, abrasion resistance and overall increased toughness
Viscosity @ 25°C 55,000 cPs
Hydroxyl Number 220
Equivalent Weight, g/eq. (as supplied) 260
Application Advantage Flexibility
Application Advantage Hardness
Application Advantage QUV resistance
Application Advantage Chemical resistance
Application Advantage Optical clarity
Formulation Advantage 100% active
Market Application Aerospace
Market Application Optically clear urethane elastomers
Market Application Urethane ballistic systems
Market Application Ophthalmic lenses
Market Application Thermoplastic urethanes
Market Application Adhesives
Product Group Polyester diol