NA-SUL EDS is an ashless rust inhibitor used in fuels, lubricants, greases and rust preventive fluids. In fuels it imparts antistatic and deicing properties. It is also used as a rust inhibitor for upper cylinder lubricants and greases. NA-SUL EDS can be used as a unique ashless additive for fingerprint suppression and removal. It is also an excellent rust inhibitor for formulating ashless rust preventive fluids for protecting steel.
Metal Type Nitrogen
Metal Content 0.7%
Viscosity @ 40°C 220 cSt
Viscosity @ 100°C 26 cSt
Application Advantage Antistatic properties
Application Advantage Deicing properties
Application Advantage Rust inhibition
Application Advantage Demulsibility
Formulation Advantage Ashless
Formulation Advantage Easy to handle
Market Application Deicing
Market Application Rust preventive
Market Application Fuel
Market Application Grease
Product Group Rust inhibitor
Product Group Rust preventive