NACURE 155 is a hydrophobic sulfonic acid catalyst based on dinonylnaphthalene disulfonic acid supplied as a 55% concentrate in isobutanol. Its primary use is as a catalyst for promoting the cure of hydroxy, carboxy and amide functional polymers with melamine and urea-formaldehyde crosslinking agents.
% Active 55
Formulation Advantage Unblocked
Application Advantage Water resistance
Application Advantage Salt spray resistance
Application Advantage Adhesion
Application Advantage Direct to metal
Application Advantage Detergent resistance
Application Advantage Intercoat adhesion
Formulation Advantage Low conductivity
Formulation Advantage Soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons
Market Application Can
Market Application Coil
Market Application Automotive primers
Market Application Appliance
Market Application Printing inks
Market Application Electrostatic spray
Market Application Electrocoating
Market Application General industrial
Product Group Catalyst (acid)