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Technical Service Chemist (Lubricants) - King is looking to hire a qualified technical service chemist to work within it's Rust Preventive team. Ideal candidates should have a BS or MS in Chemistry and five years' experience in formulating rust preventives and/or metalworking specialties. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to assisting in the forumulaion and optimization of rust preventive additives/products, conducting lab evaluations to aid in customer projects, and developing performance data to support the selling of King Industries products.

Quality Control Technician - Minimul 1 year experience in a chemical laboratory and a Bachelor's degree in chemistry are required. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to analysis of raw materials, in-process materials and final products.

Warehouse Manager - Responsibilities include inventory control and operations for our Norwalk, CT warehouse. Strong leadership skills and 5-10 years of relevant experience are required.

Fire Protection Engineer - Responsibilities include ensuring that all existing fire protection systems are in top working conditions, improving existing systems and designing new fire protection systems.

Technical Development Specialist/Technologist - 15+ year experience in developing and evaluating additives and additive packages for industrial lubricants.

Market Development Manager - 15+ year experience in selling and marketing of specialty, high performance lubricant additives to industrial lubricant customers.

Chemical Production Operator (2nd or 3rd Shift) - Minimum 3 years’ experience in a chemical plant setting.

3rd Shift Drummer - Entry level position. Responsibilities include filling industrial shipping containers with King Industries product.

Material Handler - Responsibilities include transportation of material, equipment, and packaging in and around warehouse and process areas as well as inventory and other warehouse duties.

Pipefitter - Responsibilities include the repair and installation of steam, air, water and chemical piping and components throughout the King Industries plant year round. As a Pipefitter at King Industries you will be part of the company’s maintenance department which currently has a staff of six pipefitters.


For more information or to apply, contact Vernece Richardson - vcrichardson@kingindustries.com



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