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DISPARLON 6500 is a unique non-reactive polyamide thixotrope supplied as a powder. It is recommended for
sealants, adhesives, and coatings systems. DISPARLON 6500 may be incorporated at higher temperatures than castor wax products. It provides strong anti-sagging and anti-slumping without seeding or loss of effectiveness on aging.

Excellent cost/performance:
100 % active and produces a strong thixotropic structure free of slumping.
High production efficiency:
Permits incorporation on high speed grinding equipment at higher temperatures than castor thixotropes. No overnight standing required.
Thixotropy with good heat resistance and stability on ageing.
6500 assures good shelf stability and does not cause seeding or loss of effect. 6500 is used in adhesives to prevent slumping due to high temperatures.


Appearance                             White to light yellow fine powder
Melting point                            Approx. 123 ℃
Bulk density                             Approx. 0.14
Specific Gravity                       0.99 g/cm3
Fineness of dispersion            Max .30 μ

For sealants and adhesives:
6500 is used in sealants such as oil based, urethane, silicone, MS Polymer, and thiokol etc. as anti-slumping agent and is quite effective at higher temperatures during application and thereafter.
In synthetic rubber, epoxy, acrylic/cyanamide adhesives it prevents settling of extenders and prevents phase separation. When used in rubber adhesives for laminating decorative films to plywood panels, 6500 prevents the penetration of the adhesive into wood substrate without reducing initial bonding strength at heat pressing.


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