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Specialty chemicals for electronic applications


Product                System Type                Blocking Technology Acid Type TDS Sample

Epoxy Systems

K-PURE CXC - 1612 Epoxy Quaternary Hexaflouroantimonate TDS Sample
K-PURE CXC - 1613 Epoxy Metal Triflouromethane Sulfonic Acid TDS Sample
K-PURE CXC - 1615 Epoxy Amine Triflouromethane Sulfonic Acid TDS Sample
K-PURE CXC - 1614 Epoxy Quaternary Triflouromethane Sulfonic Acid  (AnionA ajndjnlierue TDS Sample
K-PURE CXC - 1756 Epoxy Metal   TDS Sample


Thermal Acid Generators (TAG)

Product         Blocking Group Acid Type TDS Sample

High Purity / Low Trace Metals

TAG - 2678 Quaternary Triflouromethane Sulfonic Acid TDS Sample
TAG - 2713 Amine Para Toluene Sulfonic Acid TDS Sample
TAG - 2172 Amine Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid TDS Sample


Resin Modifiers

Product                  Chemistry Tg Attributes TDS Sample

For CMP and Electrical Applications

K-PURE CDR-3314 Ester Diol High Modulus reduction, improved flexibility, maintains hardness, with excellent optical clarity.                Viscosity Range = 10,000-12000 cPs. TDS Sample
K-PURE CDR-3315 Ester Diol Low Modulus reduction, improved flexibility, maintains hardness, with excellent optical clarity.                    Viscosity Range = 4,000-5,000 cPs. TDS  Sample 
K-PURE CDR-3316 Ester Diol Med Modulus reduction, improved flexibility, maintains hardness, with excellent optical clarity.                  Viscosity Range = 1,200-1,800 cPs. TDS  Sample 
K-PURE CDR-3317 Urethane Diol High Improved Chemical Resistance.  Good intercoat adhesion. Acts as coalescing agent.                        Viscosity Range = 1,500-1,600 cPs. TDS  Sample 
K-PURE CDR-3320 Acetoacetate N/A Effective for vatious metals                                             Wet adhesion promotion                                         Viscosity = 1,150 cPs. TDS Sample
K-PURE CDR-3441 Ester Diol Low

Solventless, viscous liquid, promote adhesion through carboxylate groups. Higher filler loading or lower viscosity of filled systems.                                      Viscosity Range = 40,000-60,000 cPs.

TDS Sample


Organic Corrosion Inhibitors


System Type Substrates Applications TDS Sample
K-PURE CDI-4301 Water Ferrous Aluminum Potting Compounds TDS Sample
K-PURE CDI-4302 Water Soft Metals CMP Slurries, Adhesives TDS  Sample 
K-PURE CDI-4303 Solvent Solventless Ferrous and Soft Metal Cleaners & Strippers, CMP Slurries, Wire, Adhesives, Potting Compounds TDS  Sample 
K-PURE CDI-4308 Solvent Solventless  Copper and Soft Metals Cleaners & Strippers, Wire, Adhesives TDS  Sample 
K-PURE CDI-4311 Water

Solvent Solventless

Aluminum Cleaners, Strippers, CMP Slurries, adhesives and coatings TDS Sample
K-PURE CDI-4312  Solvent Water Aluminum Cleaners & Strippers TDS  Sample 


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