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NA-SUL 437 is a water soluble rust preventive concentrate ideally suited for the manufacturing of water-based rust preventive fluids. NA-SUL 437 based products have excellent solubility, stability and tolerance for hard water.

Deposits extremely thin hydrophobic films
Easily cut back in cold water
Thin film formation allows fast drying
Film is easily removed with alkaline cleaner
Solutions are very hard water tolerant
Product concentrate and dilutions have long term stability

Viscosity @ 40ºC (ASTM D 445, DIN 51 550)                       300 mm2/s (cSt)
Density @ 25ºC (ASTM D 4052)                                            0.99 g/ml
Weight Per Gallon @ 25ºC                                                     8.3 lbs.
Flash Point, COC (ASTM D 92, DIN 51 376)                         165ºC (329ºF)
Note: The above analytical data are not specifications.

Soluble in water at all concentrations. Soluble in alcohols and glycols.

APPLICATIONS:                                                              Typical Treat Levels
Water Soluble Rust Preventive Fluids                                     0.5% - 5.0%

NA-SUL 437 is a unique water soluble rust preventive concentrate. It can be cut back in either cold or warm water. NA-SUL 437 also shows excellent hard water tolerance. It exhibits exceptional storage stability both as the concentrate and in water solutions. Unlike most water soluble rust preventive additives, NA-SUL 437 deposits a thin film upon metal parts that becomes hydrophobic during drying. This enables parts to resist rusting for extended periods, even in the 100% humidity environment of the Humidity Cabinet (ASTM D 1748) test. The thin protective film can easily be removed with alkaline cleaners. Water solutions of NA-SUL 437 are ideal for dip application of metal parts for protection during indoor storage. Wet parts may be dipped in NA-SUL 437 solutions replacing the need for solvent based dewatering fluids.

To achieve foam control in NA-SUL 437 solutions, it is recommended to use Foamban® MS-525 (Munzing, Inc. Bloomfield, NJ.). Add the antifoam at a concentration of 0.1% of the NA-SUL 437 concentration in the solution. A typical formulation based on 1000 g could be: 900 g water, 99.9g NA-SUL 437 and 0.1 g Foamban MS-525.
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