DISPARLON F-9050 is a hybrid thixotropic agent consisting of a fatty acid amide wax and an oxidized polyolefin wax developed for coating systems such as high-solids, non-solvent and high-film build formulations, specifically heavy-duty epoxy and urethane paints. DISPARLON F-9050 imparts excellent anti-sagging / anti-settling properties.
Market Application High solids
Application Advantage Anti-sag
Formulation Advantage Solvent-free
Application Advantage Non-seeding
Application Advantage Anti-settle
Application Advantage Highly shear thinning
Application Advantage Fast recovery
Application Advantage Pigment orientation
Market Application Urethanes
Application Advantage High gloss
Application Advantage Clarity
Formulation Advantage Pre-activated
Market Application Solvent-free
Market Application Solventborne
Market Application Epoxies
Market Application Maintenance
Market Application Marine
Market Application Auto OEM
Market Application General industrial
Form Paste
% Active 20
Product Group Rheology modifier