DISPARLON NS-5500 is a post addable hybrid thixotropic agent based on a combination of unique technologies supplied as a free flowing paste. DISPARLON NS-5500 enables uniform coverage with good gloss, pigment orientation, improved flip/flop, anti-settling and anti-sag properties while keeping viscosity low. This product is especially effective for use in automotive systems with aluminum and wood stains with matting or iron oxide pigments. Post-addable with low shear.
Market Application Auto OEM
Application Advantage Metallic orientation
Formulation Advantage Post addable
Application Advantage Flip/flop
Application Advantage Anti-settle
Application Advantage Matting
Application Advantage Pigment orientation
Application Advantage Anti-sag
Application Advantage Low viscosity
Formulation Advantage Easy to use
Formulation Advantage Low shear incorporation
Market Application Solventborne
Market Application Enamels
Market Application Urethanes
Market Application Polyesters
Market Application Epoxies
Market Application Wood
Market Application DIY
Market Application Aerospace
Market Application General industrial
Market Application Concrete
Form Paste
% Active 7
Product Group Rheology modifier