K-FLEX A307 is a low viscosity, 100% solids linear, saturated, aliphatic polyester diol. This product was designed as a flexibility modifier for acrylic/isocyanate and acrylic/melamine systems.

K-FLEX A307 is a low viscosity alternative to K-FLEX 171-90 to reduce crosslinker demand

Viscosity @ 25°C 5,400 cPs
Hydroxyl Number 140
Equivalent Weight, g/eq. (as supplied) 400
Application Advantage Flexibility
Application Advantage Scratch & abrasion resistance
Application Advantage Low viscosity
Formulation Advantage 100% active
Formulation Advantage Low crosslinker demand
Formulation Advantage Low isocyanate demand
Formulation Advantage No acid functionality
Market Application Auto OEM
Market Application Auto refinish
Market Application Aerospace
Market Application General industrial
Market Application Maintenance
Market Application Plastic
Product Group Polyester diol