K-FLEX 171-90 is a chain extended version of K-FLEX 188 with low crosslinker demand. Although it is slower reacting in isocyanate crosslinked systems than K-FLEX 188, it offers improved adhesion and flexibility.

K-FLEX 171-90 is supplied 90% solids in xylene / n-butyl acetate.

Viscosity @ 25°C 3,700 cPs
Hydroxyl Number 122
Equivalent Weight, g/eq. (as supplied) 432
Formulation Advantage Pot life
Application Advantage Flexibility
Application Advantage Adhesion
Application Advantage Low VOC
Application Advantage Flow and leveling
Formulation Advantage Low crosslinker demand
Market Application 2K PU
Market Application Appliance
Market Application Metal decorating
Market Application Coil
Product Group Polyester diol