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 DISPARLON A650-20X is a thixotropic agent in paste form consisting of a specially prepared amide swollen/dispersed in solvents. It is a version of 6900-20X now popularly used as a thixotropic agent in many formulations. This product is fortified in thixotropy and structure in order to give a stronger anti-sagging effect than conventional types. It is recommended particularly in heavy duty anti-corrosion paints where strong anti-sagging and anti-settling are required.

Strong thixotropy, particularly effective for anti-sagging in high build coatings.
Less dependency on the type of resins and solvents for its maximum effects.
Pre-activated. No need for heat activation.
Ready to use.
No seeding and long maintained effect.

Appearance                                      White to light yellow paste
Non-volatile matter                           20 % by wt.
Solvents                                            Xylene/Ethanol/Methanol

Can be used in almost all conventional and high solids solvent-based paints and coatings including alkyds, urethanes, epoxies, acrylics, acrylic/melamines, chlorinated rubbers, vinyls, and unsaturated polyesters. It is especially suited for thick coatings, and maintenance coatings with stringent antisagging/settling requirements

2.0 to 5.0% by wt.

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