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 DISPARLON A671-EZ is a thixotropic agent based on an amide wax pre-activated in low aromatic mineral spirits. Unlike other amide wax-based thixotropes that are usually activated in xylene, A671-EZ utilizes the high boiling solvent for the product's higher flash point.
DISPARLON A671-EZ can build up a strong thixotropic structure with good heat stability and can be post-added with mild stirring. This product as well as other DISPARLON thixotropes find applications in a broad type of vehicles with polarity from the low to medium range.

Supplied in mineral spirits
Post-added and immediate results
Easy handling

Appearance                                         White to slightly yellowish white paste
Non-volatile                                         10%
Solvent                                                Low aromatic mineral spirits / Benzyl alcohol
Melting points(solids)                          134℃
Flash point(Seta closed cup)              41.3℃

Resin type:
Recommended for a broad range of synthetic resin-based systems, especially for medium to long
oil alkyds, mineral spirits soluble acrylics and NAD.
Dispersing equipment:
A dissolver is most preferred. Shear generating mills like a sand grind mill are not recommended
because the shear could destroy the thixotropic structure.
Dispersing temperature:
Room temperature is recommended. However, it is important not to exceed 50℃ when dispersing A671-EZ in a paint containing high levels of polar solvents.

For anti-settling: 0.5 ~ 3.0% by weight of total paint
For anti-sagging: 1.0 ~ 8.0% by weight of total paint

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