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 DISPARLON NS-5500 is a hybrid thixotropic agent based on a combination of unique technologies in solvent naphtha which is supplied as a free flowing paste. Since it is pre-activated, this product can be easily post-added for immediate effects without having to make a master-batch. DISPARLON NS-5500 enables uniform coverage with good gloss, particularly on the vertical surfaces because of the uniform extension of its thixotropic structure throughout the coating film. This product is especially effective for anti-settling and orientation of aluminum and mica pigments.

Prevents settling and improves orientation of aluminum and mica pigments.
Improves flow characteristics of paint and gives uniform coverage.
Pre-activated, it can be post-added as supplied.
Free flowing paste, consequently easy to handle.

Appearance                                     White to light yellow paste
Non-volatile matter                          7% by weight of total
Solvent                                             Solvent naphtha/Ethyl alcohol/ Isopropyl alcohol

Recommended for high performance baking enamels, air dry enamels and 2 component urethane systems formulated with aluminum or mica pigments. It is recommended for use in metal, plastic and wood coatings.

3.0 % ~ 8.0 % by weight of paint

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