K-FLEX UD-320 is a high solids, aliphatic, low molecular weight urethane diol oligomer. It is soluble in polar organic solvents and has broad compatibility with acrylic, polyester, and alkyd resins. K-FLEX UD-320 will increase the hardness of a melamine crosslinked system. When used to modify a 2-component polyurethane, it will increase hardness and flexibility. K-FLEX UD-320 responds best to a zirconium chelate catalyst when used in isocyanate crosslinked systems.
Viscosity @ 25°C 7,000 cPs
Hydroxyl Number 300
% Active 82
Application Advantage Low VOC
Application Advantage Chemical resistance
Application Advantage Exterior durability
Application Advantage QUV resistance
Application Advantage Hardness
Formulation Advantage Hydrolytic stability
Market Application Machinery and equipment
Market Application Appliance
Market Application Wood
Market Application Aerospace
Market Application Auto refinish
Market Application Paper
Product Group Urethane diol