K-FLEX UD-350W is an aqueous solution of an aliphatic, low molecular weight urethane diol oligomer. It is recommended as a modifier for amino crosslinked water soluble and emulsified acrylic, alkyd, urethane and polyester resins. K-FLEX UD-350W can be used as a reactive cosolvent replacement to increase solids, crosslink density, improve film/resistance properties and flow/leveling.
Viscosity @ 25°C 4,000 cPs
% Active 88
Hydroxyl Number 300
Application Advantage Hardness
Application Advantage Anti-popping
Application Advantage Chemical resistance
Application Advantage Stain resistance
Application Advantage Flow and leveling
Application Advantage High gloss
Application Advantage QUV resistance
Application Advantage Exterior durability
Formulation Advantage Allows cosolvent reduction
Formulation Advantage Water soluble
Formulation Advantage Hydrolytic stability
Market Application Coil
Market Application Overprint varnishes
Market Application Appliance
Market Application Auto OEM
Market Application Wood
Market Application Can
Market Application Dip coatings
Product Group Urethane diol