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Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors: K-CORR

Rust and corrosion inhibitors for greases and oils

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Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors for Greases

Product           Metal % Metal Description TDS Sample

Synergistic Blends

K-CORR G-1086A Zinc 9 Antiwear synergist with first intention EP/AW additives. TDS Sample
K-CORR G-1107 Ashless NA Metal-free rust preventive with excellent antiwear properties. TDS Sample
K-CORR G-1340 Zinc Carboxylate 13.1 Rust inhibitor system developed for specialty grease applications as a replacement for zinc naphthenate. TDS Sample
K-CORR G-1350 Zinc Carboxylate 8.7 Provides corrosion inhibition for specialty grease applications. Designed as a replacement for zinc naphthenate. TDS Sample
K-CORR G-1360 Zinc Carboxylate 8.6 Rust inhibitor system developed for specialty grease applications as a replacement for zinc naphthenate. TDS Sample
K-CORR G-1370 Zinc 16.8 Especially suitable to fulfill severe rust requirements. TDS Sample



Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors for Oils

Product                   DNNS Salt Description TDS Sample

Ashless Rust Inhibitors

K-CORR 100 Amino Acid Derivitive Ashless rust inhibitor and intermediate. TDS  Sample 
K-CORR 100A2 Amino Acid Derivitive with Amine Ashless rust inhibitor with improved solubility. TDS Sample
K-CORR 1031 Amino Acid Derivitive with Amine Premium ashless rust inhibitor. TDS Sample
K-CORR 1227 Organic Amino Acid and Imidazoline Derivative Oil soluble, liquid corrosion preventive additive. Improves performance in humidity, salt fog and especially where corrosive residues of combustion form on metal surfaces. TDS Sample
K-CORR SD-1223C Substituted Polyamine Multifunctional ashless substituted polyamine surfactant / dispersant for lubricants that exhibits antioxidant and wear protection boosting properties. TDS Sample
K-CORR SA-300 Organic Acid / Ester Highly effective at very low dosage to pass ASTM D665B in R&O circulating oils and HF-2 hydraulic oils.  Especially recommended for turbine oils, paper machine oils, industrial and automotive gear oils, grease, and rust preventive fluids. TDS Sample


Yellow Metal Deactivators

Product           Composition Description TDS Sample

Premium YMD

K-CORR NF-200 Proprietary Heterocyclic Derivative Premium ashless liquid yellow metal deactivator for industrial & automotive lubricants, greases, and rust preventive fluids. HX-1 registered (#141124) TDS Sample
K-CORR NF-410 Sulfur & Nitrogen Chemistry Premium ashless liquid multifunctional additive providing extreme pressure and yellow metal protecting properties by scavenging active sulfur. TDS Sample


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