Alkylated Naphthalene for Grease

NA-LUBE® KR series of alkylated naphthalenes are synthetic fluids with outstanding thermal and thermo-oxidative stability.  They exhibit excellent performance properties when used as the sole or co-base oil for grease applications.  Alkylation of naphthalene is a core technology of King Industries; thus, we are able to offer customized products designed to meet our customers’ demanding application requirements. 

  • Requires less thickener - improves low temperature properties
  • Imparts superior thermo-oxidative stability
  • Acts as a bridging solvent - reduces opaqueness
  • Acts as a highly effective dispersant - produces a smooth grease

Neat Grease Comparison


Thermo-oxidative Stability

The PDSC curves on the right show the thermo-oxidative stability at 180°C of greases made with Group III oil and PAO as well as the improvements that can be gained by modifying the PAO grease with NA-LUBE KR-015.