Alkylated Naphthalene for High Temperature Chain Lubricants

Key features of NA-LUBE KR products are thermal and thermo-oxidative stability. The balanced composition imparts desirable high-performance properties to lubricant formulations for systems requiring durability under high temperatures.

Evaporation Loss

The evaporation loss of KR-019 alone at these test conditions was only 43%, so for the polyol ester containing 20% of the KR-019, the theoretical evaporation loss is 84%. However, the observed evaporation loss was 71%, indicating that there is a synergy helping to reduce the evaporation loss and retain the fluid longer.


Extended Service Life 

Chains were dipped in the 100% polyol ester and the ester containing 20% KR-019 and then dried overnight. We then pushed them into the accordion shape and baked them for 8 hours at 260C and then we observed their post-bake hanging performance.  The chain on the left that was lubricated with 100% polyol ester was covered in solid varnish at the end of the test and the chain remained frozen in place when hung.  While the chain on the right that was lubricated with the polyol ester containing 20% KR-019 alkylated naphthalene was covered in a viscous liquid at the end of the test that continued to lubricate, and the chain fully extended within 2 seconds when hung.