Alkylated Naphthalene Synthetic Base Stocks & Modifiers

The NA-LUBE KR alkylated naphthalene product line offers the lubricant industry’s widest available viscosity range and performance capabilities.

Alkylated naphthalenes are high performance Group V base oils that can be used alone or as modifiers for other base oils, including Group II, Group III or PAOs. NA-LUBE KR alkylated naphthalenes provide superior thermal and thermo-oxidative stability, excellent hydrolytic stability and varnish control to extend the lifetime of high performance lubricants without introducing surface competition with additives. The NA-LUBE KR line includes three grades that are FDA 21 CFR compliant for incidental food contact and registered with the NSF as HX-1 lubricant additives.


  • Thermal and thermo-oxidative stability
  • Hydrolytic stability
  • Varnish control

Aniline PointKR_Aniline-08

Product Rangekrrange-01

Formulating with NA-LUBE KR