Alkylated Naphthalene for Industrial Fluids

NA-LUBE® KR products are alkylated naphthalenes classified as API Group V base stocks with outstanding thermo-oxidative stability and seal swell compatibility. NA-LUBE KR base stocks are excellent as modifiers for non-polar Group II, III and IV (PAO) base oils and are available in several viscosity grades. They can act as a compatibilizer with other lubricant additives without competing for the lubricated metal surfaces.

RPVOT & Thermal Stability

This table shows KR-008 being used to boost the RPVOT performance of a Group III oil containing 0.7% of an R&O package.  Replacing 15% of the Group III oil with AN increased the RPVOT oxidation lifetime from 1339 to 1926 minutes and it also significantly reduced the sludge in the Cincinnati Milacron test.


Seal Swell

We compared a 20% addition of KR-015 in a 7 cSt Group III oil to the Group III alone using a nitrile seal material.  The alkylated naphthalene was able to impart seal swell properties to the non-polar Group III base oil. 


Removal of Deposits: Plywood Manufacturing

This picture shows the friction liners that are on the drive rollers in hot presses used for manufacturing plywood, particle board and fiber board and where these friction liners are located on the hot press.  Over time the friction liners become coated in heavy deposits from lubricant oxidation products and other contaminants. After 6 months of use with the belt oil containing the alkylated naphthalene, it was then observed that the oil had become very dark, but the friction liners were completely cleaned. So the darken oil containing the AN that had dissolved the deposits was exchanged for fresh oil, and the formation of deposit and darkening of the oil did not reoccur.