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DNNS Rust Inhibitors > NA-SUL

High quality, cost effective rust protection based on dinonylnaphthalenesulfonic acid

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Neutral Metal Salt Rust Inhibitors

Product           DNNS Salt % Metal Description TDS Sample

Neutral Metal Salts

NA-SUL 707 Lithium 0.76 Low ash rust inhibitor with good high temperature stability in industrial oils and greases. Retards bleeding in lithium soap greases. TDS Sample
NA-SUL 729 Calcium 2.1 Premium rust inhibitor for petroleum & synthetic lubricants, hydraulic fluids and circulating oils. Outstanding water resistance properties including demulsibility, wet filterability, and hydrolytic stability. TDS Sample
NA-SUL BSN Barium 6.6 Premium rust inhibitor for industrial lubricants, greases, rust preventive fluids and metalworking specialties.  Excellent water resistance properties. Non-staining to metal surfaces.  Widely used in gear oils and greases. TDS Sample
NA-SUL MG Magnesium 1.3 Lowest ash premium rust inhibitor.  Particularly effective in rust preventive applications exposed to water, such as ballast tank coatings. TDS Sample
NA-SUL SS Sodium 2.4 High molecular weight sodium sulfonate.  Not an emulsifier, but excellent additive to enhance rust preventive properties of emulsions. TDS Sample
NA-SUL ZS Zinc 2.8 Premium rust inhibitor for industrial oils, greases and hydraulic fluids, particularly when used in combination with zinc dithiophosphates. TDS Sample


Ashless Amine Salt Rust Inhibitors

Product            DNNS Salt % Metal  Description TDS Sample

Amine Salts

NA-SUL 1101 Ammonium 0 Ashless corrosion inhibitor specifically designed for aluminum and zinc alloys. It is soluble in most oils and polyalphaolefins (PAO). It is also very easily emulsified. TDS  Sample 
NA-SUL AS Ammonia 0
Ashless rust inhibitor used in wide range of petroleum fluids, including distillate fuels.  May be used as supplemental additive with other rust inhibitors TDS Sample
NA-SUL DTA Diethylenetriamine 0 Stable ashless rust inhibitor with good demulsibility in petroleum and synthetic lubricants. TDS Sample
NA-SUL EDS Ethylenediamine 0 Ashless rust inhibitor for lubricants, distillate fuels and mild-duty rust preventives.  Diluent is 70°C flash aliphatic solvent. TDS Sample


Basic Metal Salts

Product           DNNS Salt % Metal   Description TDS Sample

Basic Sulfonates

NA-SUL 611 Barium  11.7 Approximate TBN is 45 as barium carbonate.  Particularly effective in polyglycol/ester based compressor fluids. TDS Sample
NA-SUL BSB Barium 12.0 Approximate TBN is 45 as barium hydroxide. Versatile rust inhibitor additive for rust preventives, greases and lubricants containing acidic components. TDS Sample
NA-SUL CA-50  Calcium    3.2 Approximate TBN is 50 as calcium carbonate.  Excellent resistance to salt water environments, particularly in greases and rust preventive fluids.  Also used in high performance military hydraulic fluids. TDS Sample


Specialty Grades - Complexes & HX-1

Product                    DNNS Salt % Metal Description TDS Sample

DNNS Salt Complexes

NA-SUL CA-770FG Calcium 1.7 Calcium based sulfonate in PAO specifically designed for use in food grade applications. NSF HX-1 Registration # 143718. TDS Sample
NA-SUL BSN-HT Barium Complex 8.7 Synergistic rust inhibitor with excellent thermal stability. Particularly suited for high temperature applications. TDS Sample
NA-SUL CA-1089 Calcium Complex 2.2 Exceptional additive providing excellent rust protection, demulsibility, filterability (dry and wet) and thermal stability.  Makes excellent RP fluids and dewatering fluids because of its superior water resistance. TDS Sample
NA-SUL CA-HT3 Calcium Complex 2.5 Excellent rust inhibitor with thermal stability and good demulsibility required for applications such as paper machine oils and high temperature circulating fluids. TDS Sample
NA-SUL MG-HT Magnesium Complex 1.7 Synergistic rust inhibitor with good thermal stability. Particularly effective at neutralizing the corrosivity and staining of chlorinated paraffins. TDS Sample
NA-SUL ZS-HT Zinc Complex 3.8 Excellent rust inhibitor, particularly in systems with other zinc containing additives. Exhibits antioxidation synergism with primary antioxidants in petroleum and PAO base fluids. TDS Sample


Rust Preventive Concentrates

Product                     Metal Form Attributes TDS Sample

Oil / Solvent Systems

NA-SUL CA-1089 Calcium Liquid Excellent general purpose rust preventive additive. Good dewatering properties. Good performance after water contamination. Recommended for medium to long term indoor storage.
TDS Sample
NA-SUL CA-1183 Calcium Liquid Provides excellent corrosion protection for steel, galvanized steel and aluminum with good water separation characteristics.  Designed for use where water contact is likely such as dewatering fluids.
TDS Sample
NA-SUL CA-1259 Calcium Liquid Excellent solubility (should be verified) in a wide range of mineral oils, esters and vegetable oils. Particularly recommended where water displacement is important. TDS Sample
NA-SUL CA/W1177 Calcium Liquid Combines excellent corrosion protection with good water separation characteristics. Specifically designed where water contact is likely such as dewatering fluids. TDS Sample
NA-SUL CA/W1213 Calcium Liquid Specifically designed for formulating rust preventive fluids for use in harsh environments, such as salt fog exposure. Also recommended for high humidity and normal indoor storage. TDS Sample
NA-SUL CA-1082 Calcium Liquid Excellent for long term warehouse storage.  Best in Group I paraffinic or naphthenic oils. Good water separation character.  TDS Sample

Aqueous Systems

NA-SUL TEA/LB Triethanolamine Stable Dispersion Good coupling agent. Short to medium term indoor storage.  Building block for water based corrosion inhibitors.  Easy to use. TDS Sample
NA-SUL 437 Triethanolamine Diethylethanolamine Clear Solution Short to long term indoor storage.  Aerosol can protection.  Easy to use.  Hard water tolerant. TDS Sample
NA-SUL 1019A Triethanolamine Diethylethanolamine Clear Solution Improved iron chip test results. Short to long term indoor storage.  Hard water tolerant. TDS Sample
NA-SUL 420 Sodium Emulsion General purpose aqueous rust preventive.  Easy to use.  Medium to long term indoor storage.  Short term outdoor sheltered storage. TDS Sample
NA-SUL 450 Calcium Brown Liquid Liquid rust preventive concentrate that easily forms stable emulsions when added to water with moderate stirring.  Excellent rust protection for steel parts during storage and transportation. TDS Sample


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