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Specialty polyester polyols, urethane diols & specialty diols



K-FLEX Acetoacetates



K-FLEX Polyester Diols


K-FLEX Urethane Diols



Specialty Diol

Product                   Hydroxyl # as Supplied Viscosity 25°C (cPs) Attributes TDS Sample

Solventborne & Waterborne Systems

K-POL 8211 400 7,200 Provides lower VOC systems with improved toughness, high modulus and good exterior durability, plus excellent performance in thin film coatings. TDS Sample

Polyester Polyols

Product                          System Type Hydroxyl # as Supplied Viscosity 25°C (cPs)             Tg   Attributes TDS Sample

Solvent / Waterborne Coatings & Cast Elastomers

K-FLEX XM-337 SB 220 55,000 -20°C Provides increased toughness
and chemical resistance for solvent based and high solids systems. 
TDS  Sample 
K-FLEX 171-90 SB 122 3,700 -30°C 
A chain extended version of K-FLEX 188. Offering longer pot life, improved adhesion and flexibility. Low crosslinker demand.  
TDS  Sample 
K-FLEX 188 SB, WB, CAST 230 10,000 -32°C

Improves flexibility while maintaining hardness. Also improves salt spray, humidity resistance and exterior durability. Highly recommended for 2k urethane applications. 

TDS  Sample 
K-FLEX XM-359 SB, WB, CAST 230 9,800 -32°C Prevents yellowing interaction with benzotriazole (BZT) UV absorbers in clearcoat systems. TDS  Sample 

K-FLEX 148

SB 235 3,750 -42°C

Improves flexibility and gloss. Increase solids at lower viscosity. Good flow and leveling. Excellent intercoat adhesion properties. Recommended for primers.

TDS Sample
K-FLEX XM-366 SB, WB 265 2,000 -45°C

Newest polyester diol. Excellent flexibility, gloss and hardness. 

TDS  Sample 


SB, WB 140 5,400 -50°C

A chain extended version of
K-FLEX A308. Flexibility modifier for acrylic/isocyanate and acrylic/melamine systems. Lower crosslinker demand. 

TDS Sample


SB, WB, CAST 260 1,500 -59°C
Similar to 188.  Low viscosity and high hydroxyl number gives good hardness and adhesion and lowers VOCs.
TDS Sample


SB, CAST 265 400 -68°C Lowest viscosity for lowest VOC. Softest films. TDS Sample

K-FLEX XM-3307

SB 300 8,000


Pigment wetting resin for solvent based systems.  TDS Sample

Urethane Diols

Product                   System Type Hydroxyl # as Supplied Acid # Viscosity 25°C (cPs) Attributes TDS Sample

Solventborne & Waterborne Systems

K-FLEX UD-320-100

SB, WB, Solventless

350 <1 7,000 @ 50°C Prepolymer synthesis. For water or solvent. Preparation of polyester polyurethanes or alkyd polyurethanes. TDS Sample
K-FLEX UD-320 SB 300 <1 7,000 Increases application solids and hardness. Improves chemical resistance, exterior durability and hydrolytic stability. TDS Sample
K-FLEX UD-350W WB 325 <1 4,000 Enhanced version of  UD-320W for improved storage stability.
UD-320W is still available.
TDS Sample
K-FLEX XM-386 SB, WB 390 - 78,000 All primary hydroxyl groups.  Excellent low temperature cure response.  Good moisture resistance. TDS Sample

2K Epoxy Modifiers

Product System Type Active Hydrogen
as Supplied
Viscosity 25°C
Attributes TDS Sample

Solventborne & Solventless Systems

K-FLEX 7301                           SB, SL

Excellent adhesion and improved corrosion resistance. Excellent compatibility with acrylic, polyester, epoxy resins. Faster low temperature cure
in 2K epoxy/amine and reduced blushing in 2K epoxy/polyamide

TDS Sample
K-FLEX XM-B301 SB 190 1,100

Primarily recommended for use in epoxy/polyamide primers, but can also be used in systems crosslinked with amino resins or polyisocyanates.

TDS Sample


K-FLEX is a registered trademark of King Industries, Inc. for its line of Polyester and Urethane Polyols and Resin Modifiers.  
K-FLEX is also a registered trademark of Emerald Kalama Chemical for its line of Non-phthalate Plasticizers and Coalescents. 

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